Friday, October 25, 2013

Knock, Knock It's The Struggle Anthology!

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The Struggle

The Sun rises on a new day; a new struggle has begun. Each one of us deals with our own personal battles. A perpetual boulder we spend our lives pushing up the mountain. Yet within the struggle itself, we find, and define, our true inner strength.
This anthology expresses a myriad of struggles, each one as individual as the person behind it. Spanning across multiple genres, The Struggle showcases a unique combinations of well known authors (such as Delilah S. Dawson, Karina Cooper, and James R. Tuck) and up and coming names (like Rick Austin and Gabi Daniels) coming together for one purpose; the birth of a fund helping writers in need.
It is my dream to be able to ease some of the strain writers deal with each and every day. A fund dedicated to the help and support of the writing community at large, making our fellow colleagues’ lives just a little easier. As a reader, I rely on writers to immerse me in new worlds bursting with unforgettable characters. As a writer, I rely on readers to experience my stories and live the emotions I have poured into them; a symbiotic relationship of creative minds.
Come and enjoy these fantastic tales while helping out a worthy cause.
Thank you all for your support,

 Sheila Hall

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